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Illustration Insights Podcast (Tash Willcocks)

Tash Willcocks is a Manchester based illustrator who has spent the last 20 years being a creative sponge. And she's only getting started.

The Tash Wilcocks Illustration Insights Podcast is an ideal listen if you are a coiled spring. In the sense that you have a passion for creative work and just don’t know what you should do next.

Tash Willcocks is someone who knows how to push herself creatively in every single direction.

Crazy Animal Face Tash Wilcocks Illustration Insights Podcast


Tash having been based in the North West for the majority of her career has built an incredibly strong network. And all through battling with her anxieties, insecurities and the realisations that everyone is in the same boat.

Tash also elaborates on her journey through education, where her influences come from. And also the points in her life that made it clear that her creative passion was the route to follow.

Living and working freelance in Manchester.

Tash talks about enjoying her surroundings, building connections and also making sure that the work she does is always progressing.

If you haven’t spent time listening to Tash as well as looking at her work, you really should.

Tash talks about her experience presenting at TEDx, and also running the Masters Courses for Creative Powerhouse Hyper Island. Busy is not the word, chasing the focussed is more accurate.

Crazy Animal Face Tash Wilcocks Illustration Insights Podcast Crazy Animal Face Tash Wilcocks Illustration Insights Podcast

Listen to the Tash Wilcocks Illustration Insights Podcast

This is the fifth episode of the Illustration Insights series and there will be plenty more to follow. The fourth was from James Gilleard. Each episode explores the views and insights of some of the globes most prolific illustration talent.

We want to highlight each person’s journey, their experiences and where you can learn from them.

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We hope you enjoy.


Check out more of Tash's work on her Instagram.



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