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Say hello to Lily Van

Lily Van is a Colorado based design student who wants to bring playfulness into the world of design, and you can tell.

Lily Van illustration is fun, vibrant and full of personality. Lily also has that knack of  making her work look incredibly easy, when it really isn’t.

Based in Colorado USA. Lily Van describes her work by saying:

I believe that by creating things with good intentions and thoughtfulness for the people that interact with our work, we can create a better human experience.


We couldn’t agree more! She elaborates by saying:

I hope to further develop my skills in user research, visual design, user experience and interactive media. 

With shades of Peanuts and Kirby, a few examples of Lily Van’s work is below.

Lily Van Illustration Examples
Lily Van Illustration Crazy Animal Face Lily Van Illustration Crazy Animal Face


Check out more of Lily's work on her site.



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