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Oliver Sin on Bristol to Asia.

Oliver Sin is not only one of our favourite people but also an incredibly talented animator.

Based in Gloucester and having studied in Bristol. It’s fair to say that Oliver is a fan of mixed environments and you can see that in his work.

Full of nostalgia, varied coloured palettes and packed edge to edge with texture and energy. It is interesting to hear then that Japan is one of Oliver’s most inspirational places.

Well, we were fortunate enough to ask him more about just that.

“Travelling is my biggest inspiration.”

Said Oliver.

Experiencing different cultures broaden the mind and lets you see things you wouldn’t normal see in our everyday life. You visit beautiful new sites and amazing people with different views and approach on life, what’s more inspiring that that?!

Oliver elaborated further.

Nara, Japan is probably one of my favourite locations.


Have you booked a holiday yet this year? If not, that’s fine. And Japan might be a bit of a stretch too especially if you have just started out as a freelancer.

In summary, think about the environments you spend the most time in. 

Is being where you are inspiring enough?


Check out more of Oliver's work on his site



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