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Say hello to Hannah Jacobs.

British based Hannah is an animator and illustrator who draws her work frame by frame, and we love it.

Hannah Jacobs Animation work is fantastic. Not only does she have that skill where she makes her work look incredibly easy when clearly it’s not. But also, the stories she tells using a simple narrative are really refreshing.

The perfect example of Wabi-Sabi, Hannah’s work isn’t measured by a ruler or following a grid, the lines aren’t equal and the perspectives aren’t true to life. And THAT is why we love it. Hannah produces real work with real feeling. 

Based in London, Hannah graduated with an MA in animation from the Royal College of Art in 2014. And studied Illustration at Brighton University previously.

She has enjoyed much success with her films screening festivals around the world. Including official selection for SXSW, Tribeca, Annecy Festival, LIAF, MONSTRA, and Rooftop Films.

A few examples of Hannah’s work are below. 

Hannah Jacobs Animation Examples

Hannah Jacobs Animation Crazy Animal Face Hannah Jacobs Animation Crazy Animal Face Hannah Jacobs Animation Crazy Animal Face


Check out more of Hannah's work on her site.



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