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Illustration Insights Podcast (Ben The Illustrator)

Ben the Illustrator has 20 years experience working in and around the Creative Industry, he knows his stuff.

The Ben The Illustrator Illustration Insights Podcast is an ideal listen if you are starting out in the industry, thinking about freelancing or already up and running in the freelance world.

Ben is a champion of honesty, and in the illustration world that is absolute gold dust.

Crazy Animal Face Ben The Illustrator Illustration Insights Podcast

Not only is Ben honest and open around his work specifically, but also his life. Having moved to London, starting in video and animation, he then looked up to people like Spike Jonze and realised that wasn’t right. He then changed industries in the early 20s, started that journey all over again and the rest is history.

Stubbornly Independent and Independently Stubborn.

Ben also elaborates on being self employed since he left college. And one of his regrets being that he didn’t work for someone before creating his own business.

That idea of being stubbornly independent and independently stubborn (in Ben’s own words), is an interesting trait. That drive that makes him successful can also potentially be limiting around his development.

Social Anxiety and Mental Health

Additionally, there is absolutely no question that Ben is a shining light around mental health.

And Ben elaborates on his experiences around mental health, and in the people that he knows. Being an illustrator and creative which is an isolating role, brings it’s challenges. Ben elaborates on his views, not comparing yourself to other people and the findings in his Illustrators Survey.

Work until your idols become your rivals.

And the above statement couldn’t be any more broken. Ben the Illustrator elaborated further on why your Idols should be your friends. And why they should be on a par with you and vice versa.

Crazy Animal Face Ben The Illustrator Illustration Insights Podcast

Listen to the Ben The Illustrator Illustration Insights Podcast

This is the first episode of the Illustration Insights series and there will be plenty more to follow. Each episode explores the views and insights of some of the globes most prolific illustration talent.

We want to highlight each person’s journey, their experiences and where you can learn from them.

You can listen below but if you like what you here, please subscribe and we can send you the latest episodes. That and we can track and monitor every aspect of your life. Only joking… or are we?

We hope you enjoy.


Check out more of Ben's work on his site.



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