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Illustration Insights Podcast (Ben Newman)

Ben is the creator of the Professor Astro Cat Children's Book Series, and an illustrator who is recognised for his skills worldwide.

The Ben Newman Illustration Insights Podcast is an ideal listen if you are starting out in the creative industry, thinking about freelancing or already up and running in the freelance world.

Ben is a very open, engaging and knowledgeable person who is clearly enjoying his journey as an illustrator.

Crazy Animal Face Ben Newman Illustration Insights Podcast


Ben is the visual steer of the Professor Astro Cat Children’s Books, and also an avid guest lecturer around the subject of illustration and freelance life. Being a father of a young child (and with another on the way at the time of this podcast).

Ben is at the stage of his life where he needs consistency in his work and following 10 years in the industry is at a point where he understands how to do that.

Ben also talks about his love / hate relationship with social media. And why having a healthy relationship with promotion is absolutely essential.

I draw cats for a living.

Ben is a very reflective person who is very aware of his actions and his awareness of time. Having been employed full time and now freelance, Ben understands what is needed to make him tick over.

The idea of being able to give my son copies of my book one day, is really exciting.

Also, Ben has some very interesting insights around concentrating on your work rather than the noise online.

Crazy Animal Face Ben Newman Illustration Insights Podcast


Listen to the Ben Newman Illustration Insights Podcast

This is the third episode of the Illustration Insights series and there will be plenty more to follow. The second episode was from Emmeline Pidgen. Each episode explores the views and insights of some of the globes most prolific illustration talent.

We want to highlight each person’s journey, their experiences and where you can learn from them.

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We hope you enjoy.



Check out more of Ben's work on his website.



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